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    The TEXO Members 401k Introduction Meeting
    January 30, 2014
    11:30 am
    Dallas Conference Center, 11111 N. Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75229

    Do you have confidence in your retirement plan? Will you have enough money saved up to live off of for several years? Get answers to your questions in an introductory meeting to TEXO's 401(k) Plan presented by Mogul Wealth.
    Some ways the TEXO 401k Plan can benefit you:

    • Group Purchasing Power
    • Reduced TPA/record keeping fees - The average plan saves approximately 20%
    • Reduced administrative burden on employer’s staff
    • TEXO assumes the fiduciary liability on the investments
    • No annual plan audit required - Generally $5k - $20k if you have 100 or more eligible participants
    • No form 5500 required - TEXO completes for all adopting companies
    • Award winning customer service platform with Transamerica
    • #1 rated website interface for both employees and plan administrators
    • Award winning employee educational materials
    • Personal Service from the Mogul Wealth Strategies Staff
    • Over a 98% retention rate on business with Transamerica Multiple Employer Plans
    • Support from TEXO and the DFW Construction Industry
    • Plan Design Flexibility with Superb Investment Options

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