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    Construction Quality Management (CQM) Course for Contractors
    March 7, 2014  •  7:30 am – 4:30 pm
    TEXO's Conference Center location, 11111 N. Stemmons Frwy., Dallas, TX 75229
    Pricing: Contractor/Industry Members $299.00; Subscriber Members $349.00; Non Member $399.00 (must pay in advance)

    The Construction Quality Management (CQM) Course for Contractors was developed by the Corps of Engineers to help familiarize contractor personnel with the Corps CQM concepts and procedures.

    Participants are required to pass a written test at the end of the seminar to receive the certification. This CQM Certification is necessary when working on ARMY and NAVY or Defense projects. The certificate presented upon successful completion of this course is good for five years on all Navy and COE projects. Quality Control Managers must have a current certificate.

    This course consists of 7 modules of instruction. The modules are:

    • Introduction to CQM —- Why it is needed?
    • Contractor's Responsibility for Review of Documents — Avoiding Delays
    • Quality Management Planning — QC Plans, 3 phases of Control, Prevent Rework
    • Teamwork/Build Trust — Mutual Understanding and Coordination Meeting
    • Submittals — Identifying long lead items, including in Schedule
    • Quality Management During Construction — QC responsibilities
    • Making the System Work (Maximize profits, avoiding delays and rework

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