TEXO 2014 Industry Directors Ballot

    In accordance with the By-Laws, attached is a ballot for the election of the 2014 TEXO Board of Directors. This election will allow the Board to be aligned with the membership requirements outlined in the By-Laws: 12 General Contractors, 11 Specialty Contractors, and 3 Industry Members. The By-Laws also require the Executive Committee (Officers) to be 3 General and 2 Specialty Contractors. With the election of the new members, and those remaining from the transition Board, we are perfectly aligned with the By-Laws.

    Please complete by December 20, 2013

    — Industry Director(s) —

    Stan McCarthy (3 yr. term)
    Acme Brick

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    Remaining on the Board
    Wes Johnson (2 yr. term), Cooper & Scully, P.C.
    Darrin Weber (2 yr. Term), IMA of Texas, Inc.

    Note: Only Industry members of the Association may vote on the Industry candidate(s) for Director position(s) on the Board.

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