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    Keys to Negotiating for Mutual Gain
    A Four-Part Series Based on the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation
    Friday mornings, 8:00 am – 11:30 am
    TEXO Dallas Conference Center, 11111 N. Stemmons Freeway, Dallas 75229
    Pricing: Contractor/Industry Members: $250.00/per person/per session; All sessions: $875.00
    Includes comprehensive Workbook, Assessment Kit, Handouts, Case Studies, Certificate of Completion

    This no-nonsense course is for company executives, entrepreneurs, and negotiators, experienced or not. Unlock your negotiating potential and learn how to negotiate better, long lasting deals. You’ll get the tools you need to navigate through the dynamic Negotiation process using Harvard Program on Negotiation research of proven negotiation techniques and strategies that will leave you in a winning position.

    Please select at least ONE Session -- or select ALL sessions for a complete learning experience:

    Past Session I – March 1 – The Nature of Negotiation
    • The basis and key components of Negotiation
    • Why “Splitting the Difference” Short-Changes You
    • The range or “zone” of possible outcomes and using a strategic plan to arrive at a best solution.
    • Sources of power, their impact, and why having an alternative to no agreement (BATNA) is critical.

    Past Session II – March 8 – The Negotiation Process
    • The Negotiation Process and how to analyze its dynamics to influence outcome.
    • How to spot and handle pivotal points in the negotiation process that can make or break a deal.
    • Understanding different approaches to Negotiating and their impact on results.
    • Influence the process “flow” by shaping perceptions of time-related costs and action-forcing events.

    Session III – March 15 – People Dynamics / Tough Negotiators
    • How differences in negotiating behavior and styles impact a negotiation.
    • Assess your own negotiating style and learn different approaches to various negotiating styles.
    • Successful Negotiator’s strategies and tactics and tips for dealing with hard-nosed negotiators.

    Session IV – March 22 – Team/Multi-Party Negotiations
    • Learn tips for internal team preparation and pre-negotiation to increase negotiation power.
    • Insights into internal team dynamics before, during & after a negotiation that work for your benefit.
    • Dynamics of complex negotiations involving both multi-party and multi-issue.
    • Negotiation Pitfalls Leading to “No Deal.”

    Each 3 l/2 hour session includes a Harvard Negotiation Case Study to reinforce your learning experience!

    About the Instructor: Irene P. Zucker is a sought-after presenter and trainer for conferences and workshops for her unique, dynamic style. President of VerbaCom® Executive Development, course developer, trainer and coach for executives in Negotiation and in the art of public speaking for over 15 years. She is Harvard trained in teaching Negotiation, a practicing Texas Certified Advanced Mediator, member of the Texas Bar ADR Section, UT graduate, and did post-graduate studies in Dispute Resolution at SMU. Ms. Zucker also received US Congressional Recognition for service to the community in conflict resolution.

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