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    A Winning Team Bid Presentation
    Thursday, February 21
    8:00 am – 5:00 pm
    TEXO’s Dallas Conference Center – 11111 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, 75229
    Pricing: Contractor/Industry members: $685/person; Subscriber member: $795.00; Non-members $895.00
    Includes customized manual and session video

    Small, customized, hands-on classes! Positive results guaranteed!

    Learn how to deliver a dynamic presentation that targets and exceeds your audience’s expectations!
    Understand and gain a new perspective on nervousness, alleviating the tension and anxiety of making presentations!
    Enhance your confidence and professionalism using no-fluff, useful tips that enable you to deliver your message to any size group, anywhere, regardless of prior experience!
    Practice critical delivery techniques to stand out during important Individual or Team Bid presentations to potential clients!
    Practice the use of audio-visual tools (PowerPoint®)!
    Learn by doing, in this small, non-threatening, hands-on class!

    The “Take-Away”
    Learn how to engage, capture and maintain audience interest, “size up” an audience and respond confidently and professionally in Q&A sessions!
    Gain greater confidence by seeing your delivery abilities improve through video recorded practice sessions for immediate feedback!
    Acquire a professional sounding voice, proper posture, lectern etiquette, “natural” gestures, effective eye contact, and a strong positive presence — delivery techniques that say “I’m speaking WITH you not AT you!”

    About the Instructor

    Irene P. Zucker, executive consultant, international trainer, and President of VerbaCom® Executive Development, has been a personal coach to executives in the art of public speaking for over 20 years. A sought-after presenter for conventions and conferences for her unique, dynamic style, she has helped hundreds of executives nationwide
    excel in their presentation skills and enhance their professional development. Other courses developed include Negotiation (based on the Harvard program). Ms. Zucker is a Mediator (TCAM), UT graduate, and did post-graduate studies in Dispute Resolution at SMU. Ms. Zucker’s award winning company, VerbaCom®, has also been recognized by Success® Magazine. Ms. Zucker received US Congressional Recognition for her services to the community.

        Executive Development

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